WRITE NITE!   Write Drunk; Edit Sober

Fridays, 7-9 PM, monthly
April 21, 2017 – theme: What I’m Not Saying
Member Price: $15, Non Member price: $30
Alexandra Writers Centre – 1721 – 29th Ave SW, Ste 460, Calgary

Once each month, spend two hours with kindred spirits, a glass of wine, a pen and paper. There will be nightly themes and you will be given prompts to focus your writing but disregard them if you choose and create something unique. Release your inhibitions, step out of your comfort zone, put a few words together, create evocative images and astonishing characters. Write something new or hone a current project with support. Guidance is available but there will be no lessons, only prompts focused on the theme. The purpose is to help you loosen your shackles a little, to unleash your inner awesome author. Write, drink, nibble, share, laugh, play and have some fun creating. All snacks and beverages provided. You only need to bring pen and paper. Everyone welcome!

To register call (403) 264-4730, email,
or on-line at



Mondays 7-9 PM
May 8, 2017 – 8 weeks (except May 22nd)
Alexandra Writers Centre – 1721 – 29th Ave SW, Ste 460, Calgary

Do you have a story burning inside you? Want to try writing for fun? This class is designed for the brand new writer or hobbyist. Spend 8 weeks learning where ideas come from, how to unlock your creative potential in a new way, and bring words and images to the page in a fun and supportive environment. Lots of writing involved. No experience necessary.

To register call (403) 264-4730, email,
or on-line at



Mondays 7-9:30 PM
April 3, 10, 24 & May 1 – 4 weeks
Alexandra Writers Centre – 1721 – 29 Ave SW, Ste 460, Calgary
Member Price: $120, Non Member Price: $180

You’ve finally spilled your entire first draft onto the page. Now it’s time to clean it up. We will review the essential elements of a story/novel. This will include structure, character development, and dialogue (referencing Master STORY Doctor Robert McKee). We will discuss common errors, better word choices, critiquing, formatting, and proper punctuation practices. Students must have work ready to bring to the first class and agree to do the homework – which will involve editing each others’ work as well as your own.

To register call (403) 264-4730, email,
or on-line at



Picasso said it took a long time to learn to paint like a child. You can start now. Paint a Cubist perspective portrait with acrylic on canvas. Create your own self-portrait or a gift for someone you love. A one-person portrait is a prerequisite to the family portrait class.
No experience necessary, all supplies included. $50 for a 2-hour class.
Adults only for the evening sessions (wine served). Coffee and tea served for daytime sessions. Please contact for details.

Picasso 1Picasso 2



Construct a small figurative sculpture from found objects.FirewomanOriginal from FlickrWe will start by building a base and an armature. The design of your doll may be sketched ahead of time or you can work spontaneously with the rest. Most supplies will be provided but feel free to bring in items that inspire you (i.e. swatches of cloth, bits of jewelry) and if enough – maybe share and swap with other participants. This is usually a full day workshop.
Please contact for details


You will come away from this workshop with a personal logo, proud of your strengths, and with a better understanding of how to work with your weaknesses. This is a two-hour self-discovery workshop good for preparing participants for resume writing and job interviewing, and for team-building. Very simple drawing is involved – no experience necessary. Please contact for details.