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Beloved Playa Mujeres All-Inclusive Boutique Resort

My beloved was awarded a week at this 5-star resort just north of Cancun by his company for his sales achievement. Determined to include and impress me, he went out of his way, sparing no expense, to ensure we had a spectacular room.

When we arrived, we were told that our carefully-chosen 2-story casita on the beach was closed for maintenance and we would have to be satisfied with a substitution for one night. Rather than consider the possibility that a change can be a gift, Mr. T thought his efforts had been thwarted. He reacted by saying the surprise change was unacceptable and insisted he be compensated accordingly. Very patiently, the front desk receptionist assured us that if we were not satisfied with the change we could move to the chosen casita once the repairs were complete … or we were welcome to stay with the appointed substitution. Oh, did we neglect to say that this is an UPGRADE?

Never refuse when the Universe offers you an upgrade …

We entered our corner Terrace Suite, mouths agape, and began to excercize humility and gratitude. The decor was neutral and tasteful with a king-size bed all in white and a “menu” of additional pillows. There was a substantial seating area, a round jacuzzi tub in an alcove surrounded by windows, a well-stocked bar in the entryway, a huge change area complete with a walk-in closet, separate “water closet,” and a glassed-in shower the size of small bedroom with spouts at different levels and a waterfall showerhead.

Mr. T returned to the front desk, knees very happy to not have to contend with stairs, to say there would be no need to move us, we were content with our suite. In fact … we would never be leaving….

Our days were spent on the garden loungers by the pool—which was surprisingly cool given the climate and the shallow depth. We changed our routine up a bit by lounging on our own massive terrace, occasionally dipping into our very own plunge pool.

Three times a day, we were treated to an array of exquisite culinary offerings. The only two to sign up for the weekly Table du Chef, we enjoyed a kitchen tour with Chef Alejandro who explained proper sanitization and what it takes to manage a 5-star kitchen. He demonstrated some of his food art and then we were left to our own defenses to create our dinner, which was later served to us in our own private dining area.

The Beloved is the first in a row of three resorts on Playa Mujeres owned by the Excellence Group of Spain. Since we had access to “Excellence,” the bigger sister resort next door, we took an evening to try a different restaurant, walk the expansive grounds, and enjoy typical resort circus-like entertainment.

After a perfect day, we returned to our room where the turndown service included champagne, chocolate, lit candles and a jacuzzi tub filled with bubbles and rose petals.

The least I could do to show my gratitude was treat my sweetie to one of Cancun’s top spas right in our resort. We were escorted around the comprehensive Agua Viva hydrotherapy circuit—hot, cold, hot, cold in various forms—and ended with a relaxing couples’ massage.

That week at the Beloved remains a beautiful memory, an experience that can never be repeated. To return would somehow taint that memory. Once you’ve experienced Excellence … you can never go back …

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