Alberta Canada

Calgary Flood

Hard to believe I live in a “semi-arid” region. Possibly the worst flood in Calgary’s history resulted from a combination of factors. Apparently, the ground in the mountains had not yet fully thawed; spring runoff was still ocurring. Then, we were pelted with rain non-stop for two days. The results were devastating to the downtown core and low-lying areas close to the Bow and Elbow rivers. Basements and underground parking garages would remain inaccessible for months. Mechanical rooms in affected buildings meant elevators weren’t functioning. People were forced from their homes ā€“ some never to return. The town of High River was essentially decimated. In terms of insurable losses, this flood was considered the costliest disaster in Canadian history up to this point ā€“ exceeding $1.7 billion.*

One has to wonder what this cop was thinking …
Observing the flood from Bowmont Park.
Lower Bowmont Park.

*The Fort McMurray wildfire exceeded this in 2016.