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Took the touristy tram up the peak. Was my first time in HK after about 15 years. So much as changed since, especially the number of skyscrapers sprouting up across the city. The condominums in the foreground are halfway up the peak, which means that they probably costs a few millions each for this exclusive area and view. The first island is Hong Kong island, whereas the other island in the background is Kowloon.
View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
St Michaels Catholic Cemetery

While Amanda explored Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, her younger sister arrived in Hong Kong. Amy, her boyfriend Chan, and his parents, visited relatives in the autonomous “Fragrant Harbour” on the Pearl River in China. One of the world’s most densely-populated territories sprouts skyscrapers along its downtown shore and, even after death, maintains that population in a crowded necropolis nestled within the metropolis.

With streets teeming with residents and travelers alike, it’s difficult to get around and especially when people don’t seem so friendly. Being a mixed-race couple, and being otherwise unique in appearance (multi-tattooed!), Amy and Chan were ogled at and even treated rudely. But, it was Chan’s first time meeting some of his relatives – and even traveling abroad – so, learning how to maneuver through traffic – both vehicular and pedestrian – is a good life lesson for a new traveler. In addition to the expected shopping spree, they visited all the typical tourist attractions.

Hong Kong Harbour in her eyes
Exploring the Night Life
Best Latte in town
On the ferry to Cheung Chau Island
Tien Tan Buddha
Downtown Hong Kong Harbour at Night

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