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We arrived at our hotel early, so checked our bags and went across the street to the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Centre and had ramen and coffee in the food court. After a rest back at the hotel, we headed up to the rooftop infinity pool. It was spectacular! From the fifty-seventh floor, we were able to see a lot of the city, including the Bay Area in front and the Gardens in the Sky. We watched the sunset while the lights of the city slowly came on. The city looks so pretty at night.

Singapore 5 cropAfter the breakfast buffet the next morning, Amy and I easily found our way on the metro to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s over 150 years old and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It included the National Orchid Garden — full of weirdly beautiful flowers and so many different types of orchids.

The SuperTrees collect solar power during the day, and convert it to power all the lights, the light shows, and even the computers they use in the gardens! The view from the SuperTree Restaurant at the top of one of the trees was lovely but a bit obstructed by all the branches. The food was amazing and absolutely overpriced.

The next day, Amy and I found the hop on, hop off bus and Singapore 6went on a tour around the city. The architecture here is so cool and the city is so clean and well kept. We took the yellow line west through the city toward the Botanical Gardens and back past a bunch of landmarks. We ended at the main depot, only a couple stops away from where we started and switched to the red line through India town and Chinatown.

We decided to have a bit of waxing done and some HENNA! Singapore 1We picked a matching design and the lady took about 20 minutes to do each of our hands. She copied the design we picked out for her along with a couple alterations. We let it dry for an hour before chipping away at it.

We hopped back on the bus and disembarked at the last stop in Chinatown. We walked down food street and bought a couple souvenirs before stopping for some Thai food. We even stopped at a ‘Shoppers’ and picked up some Korean face masks, as they are well known for their skin care products and cosmetics.

The Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel is a nice old-style bar, famous for inventing the Singapore Sling in 1915 to “allow ladies toIMG_0851 enjoy alcohol in public.” The bar is also famous for having lots of peanuts and people throw the shells all over the ground. Since Chan is allergic to peanuts, and he started to feel sick as soon as he walked in, so he waited for us outside. The waiter seemed put off and told is they were closed but I knew they were open for 15 more minutes. Since I had read some reviews of this place, I was prepared for terrible service and that was exactly what we got! I corrected him by smiling and saying sweetly, “No, you close at 12:30.” He couldn’t argue with that, so we ordered two $30 drinks (yes, for one drink … it’s a tourist trap) and sat down. They were pretty good! We enjoyed them quickly, as we complained about the terrible service and the ridiculous price.

Next stop — One Altitude, the highest rooftop bar in the world at 63 floors with a 360-degree city view.

Before heading to the airport the next day, we stopped at the Art and Science Museum. The Future World was really cool—lots of light displays, along with music. The NASA exhibit, I found less interesting, with model space shuttles, outfits and explanations of history. BUT, we got to go in a space shuttle simulator! It made me feel a bit sick for a little while Singapore rtScience_Museum_afterward….

We grabbed our bags and off to the airport we go! They actually have a really sweet airport, with a swimming pool, and ladies walking around offering free candies! There are little stations where you can take photos with a Singapore backdrop … so if you’re only changing planes — you can still pretend you actually “went” to Singapore!


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