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Koh Phi Phi Islands

kohphiphi Koh Phi Phi is a group of islands in the Strait of Malacca between Phuket and the mainland. The beach was so beautiful and white and the water was such a pretty aqua color. We checked into our lovely hotel and went to eat mango and sticky rice. Then, we went to the beach and relaxed.koh-phi-phi-4

We met a couple of my friends at Banana Bar and ate at their Mexican restaurant. My friends took off and we enjoyed the rooftop bar for a bit before heading to the beach to check out the nightlife. There were several different bars with different types of DJs. One of the bars had some limbo game and fires burning. It was nice to see, but we called it a night.

monkey-beach-thailand-1451386_960_720The next morning, we started our tour of the islands at Monkey Beach. A couple of the guides were feeding the monkeys some bananas but we were told not to touch them this was where most people get bit. We made our way to our first scuba diving spot and I was scared! I’ve tried scuba before and was not able to get over the claustrophobia, but it was actually easier than I expected. The fish were so tiny and colourful and the coral was nice too. We motored past Mosquito Island on our way to Bamboo Island, where we hung out for a bit on the sand with our fried rice lunch and some beers. We listened to a bunch of Spanish people singing along loudly with their guitar. Our next stop was Shark Point where we dove again. There were bigger and even more colourful fish there, like neon rainbows! A couple from our tour actually two small sharks and were able to video them and show us! We continued on to Maya Bay where the film, The Beach, was made. The view was so cool, between charming-vacation-rental-ko-lanta-yai-lanta-pavilion_23some giant rocks, and we walked back through the jungle a little bit to the other side that had another opening to the water with a lovely view. We got a few photos in before it started raining. We ran back to the boat and hit under a cliff for a little while until it stopped, swam for a bit in the warm water and, as the sun began to set, we returned to the main island while watching it go down. We enjoyed the pool for a short time before heading out for dinner and a couple drinks and watching some really amateurish spontaneous Muy Thai fights.



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