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Koh Rong Island – Cambodia

Beautiful turquoise beach on Koh Rong Samloem island in Cambodia.
Koh Rong Island — Cambodia.

I boarded a 7 AM bus and, when I arrived in Sihanoukville, I was bombarded with drivers wanting to take me to the ferry. Luckily, an Aussie lady told me to ignore them. But, I had to wait for over an hour for my transfer … and, since I didn’t understand when the ferry was coming, or what was going on (because no one was speaking English), I was getting kind of scared. So, I went next door and ordered some food. Finally, the guy came over with my ticket for 3 PM, and later he called me over to get on a bus to the ferry — which was crowded with tourists.

I arrived at Koh Rong not having booked any accommodations. So, I strolled along the beautiful beach to a quieter area off the beaten track. I found a place that looked nice, so asked them to show me a cabin. It had two double beds and a single, a safe, fans, electricity and running water, and wifi in the bar/restaurant. The place is owned by a Thai woman and her British husband. The staff spoke English and everyone seemed really nice, so I agreed to stay. It was worth the higher price of $25 per night. I settled in and went for a walk along the beach at sunset—taking in the glowing plankton.

Day 2

Thinking I’d explore a bit, I started off on a longer walk down the beach. The sand was smooth and white and the sea—turquoise and calm. The bottom of the ocean was cluttered with starfish. I finally found Long Beach and climbed a massive, steep staircase into the jungle. There was a sign suggesting big spray for the sand flies and to beware of snakes. Umm … okay … I don’t have bug spray and I just decided to step gingerly and watch carefully for snakes. But, as I continued, I encountered three barking, growling dogs so I turned around and headed back.

Relaxing in a Hammock by the beach

Later, people at the SkyBar told me there was no need to be afraid of the dogs—but that the snakes and scorpions were more of a danger and that it was best to travel in pairs.  Almost every other person that goes through that way will see one or the other. Glad I didn’t go any farther by myself!

So I walked the opposite way toward Police Beach. It was empty! I enjoyed sitting alone on my own private beach for a while just absorbing the beautiful view.

After a stressful week of acclimatizing and sightseeing, it was nice to just relax in a hammock, read a book, walk along the beach and through the jungle, do a little yoga and indulge in frequent glasses of $0.75 beer. Gotta stay hydrated with all this sunshine you know …


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