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Luang Prabang – Laos

Wat Mahathat Temple

Luang Prabang is so quiet compared to Hanoi – there was no honking! I arrived at my hostel by minibus and made friends right away.

The next morning we took our time exploring this charming little city. The people seem friendly and nice and I feel so safe in Laos! I didn’t feel this safe in Cambodia or Vietnam. The streets were so quiet and there were lots of massage shops and cafes. We arrived at the main temple and decided to rent some clothes to cover up so that we could go in. I paid $0.80 for each piece. The lady wrapped the pink patterned skirt around me and chose a shawl to match with the skirt for me. ️The temples were beautiful and covered in so much gold!  We stopped for some rice, then went to a coffee shop to chill for a bit.

The next morning we rolled out of bed at 5:30 and went to see the offering of the alms to the monks. Along the way, the

Sunset from Mount Phousi

locals were all setting things up for the morning market with fresh veggies, herbs, chickens, and fish. We arrived at the main street and waited a little while just before sunrise. The monks all lined up and walked down the block where about 20 locals were paying their respects to the monks and offering rice and maybe some other things. The monks made it through the line of ladies and turned around and came back to do it again, then continued on down the street to … who knows where.


We went back to the hostel and slept for a few more hours. When we got up for the second time that morning, we had breakfast, then booked a tour to see the Kouang Si Waterfalls. We drive about 45 minutes out of town in a 15-seater minivan and he drove us to the start of the trail.

Kouang Si Waterfall area

The falls were SO beautiful! And really big! We hiked up a short, but steep hill that required sneakers and the view from the top was really beautiful too! The rocks at the top left room for some smaller waterfalls and everyone hung out in the little pool and on the swing over the water. It was something I’ve never seen before! When we were done chilling, we hiked back down an easier route and past the bear sanctuary! There were a couple bears there that were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. We had some lunch and headed back to town. We went back to the night market to actually make some purchases, I bought a couple scarves and some paintings!

(Louang Phrabang)
Royal Palace Museum

The next morning, we checked out, then made our way to the Royal Palace Museum before leaving on the night bus. The museum was originally the home of King Sisavangvong. It was the smallest, most underwhelming palace I’ve ever seen … but I guess Laos is a poor country …

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