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OM Ham Retreat

I caught a taxi to Om Ham Retreat in Ubud. I would spend three nights at this yoga/spa resort. Ubud was so beautiful! Driving past all the greenery and color pops of flowers along the way. We arrived at the resort, seemed to be out of the busy, touristy part of town and situated right beside rice fields.  I arrived without a reservation (but had already confirmed they had space), I booked a suite room with a tub and they started me off with a foot bath! (Quick scrub and massage). I was not able to attend a yoga class that evening, as nobody else had signed up and the teacher was not available, but I was allowed to use the space and practice by myself.

The yoga room was on the top floor of the building overlooking their beautiful gardens, swimming pool, rice fields and palm trees… how lovely! It had been far too long not practicing and it was so amazing to be there. I enjoyed my dinner in their open air restaurant, a Kundalini smoothie, Indonesian vegetarian dish and chocolate cake. I made myself a bubble bath and off to bed!

Breakfast was served at 7 AM, so I was able to enjoy the tail end of a beautiful sunrise. I had a lovely breakfast of boring eggs, then rested a short while before my yoga class. This one was interesting: they do mainly Kundalini/Tantra, which seems quite different from the Ashtanga I’m used to practicing; also, the teacher had a really thick accent and was difficult to understand at times. It was a good challenge.
I was scheduled for a motivational talk with Master Ketut Arsana. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured he would have something to say to me … It was quite uncomfortable at first, as he started off with “So, what would you like to talk about?”
Umm … aren’t you supposed to motivate me? Ha, ha, so I told him why I came to the retreat, what brought me on my travels to Asia, and my status with yoga.
The message I ended up receiving was to stop planning and thinking so much, to TRUST myself and just go for it. Everything starts with the breath, lead with your heart, your body and mind will follow.  So… I feel more motivated to allow yoga to grow as a part of my life and to possibly teach more!
After our meeting, I had my Rejuvenating Treatment: foot bath, massage, body scrub, body mask and flower bath. It was so lovely and relaxing! Again, my dinner was amazing and the cheesecake was pretty good too! They serve way too much food here (meals are included) for such a relaxing place where people don’t need so much fuel, so I was pretty stuffed after every meal. Watched a movie before bed.
Day three: I had sunrise breakfast again, then went back and had a nap before my facial. It was nice, but nothing overly special. I had lunch, then massage and another flower bath! They provided tea and some papaya at each of these treatments too. After this, I went back to have my second nap of the day before my yoga class at the ashram. I walked across the street to a very charming and hidden ashram and joined some others for another kundalini-type yoga class, two hours. I had a hard time in savasana because I was paranoid of mosquitos; but I woke up to find a puppy hanging out with us! That was pretty special.
It was POURING rain (even had some pretty loud thunder during practice), so I hurried back to the resort and went for my final dinner at the retreat. I enjoyed Indonesian cuisine again and a carrot cake! I took another bath and watched another movie again, enjoying my final evening.
My last morning at the resort was pretty much the same: breakfast, then yoga, then a short head massage. Then I had to check out and leave this beautiful place behind; it was really sad. I really hope to come back again, if not to Om Ham, at least another beautiful yoga/spa resort …

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