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Phuket – LadyBoys & Beaches

phuket-2I had been told by many travelers that Phuket was not a place to see, but my sister wanted to go. The “pearl” of the Andaman Sea on the south end of Thailand is supposed to be a real hot spot for tourists because of the beaches and nightlife. I didn’t think the beaches were that great — kind of dirty actually … but the nightlife was interesting.

The first LadyBoy show that we tried to get into had already started. We missed it because the brochure we had was wrong. So, we walked around and found an “Aussie” bar with Thai LadyBoy servers. They looked pretty good (except for a faint mustache), the music was good and we played some games. I started to feel better about being here and Amy and I made plans for the next few days.

The next morning, we headed to the popular Patong patong-phuketbeach area for a nice breakfast at Ella Bistro. Then we walked around the shops for a bit and relaxed on the beach. The water was dirty so I didn’t stay in there long. Chan went for a foot massage while Amy and I got a fish pedicure. It was the weirdest experience: We sat for about 30 minutes with the fish tickling our feet and it came with a shoulder massage, which was really just a couple of squeezes.

After dinner, we headed over to the Simon Cabaret LadyBoy show. It was nothing like the Moulin Rouge-style cabarets in Paris but then … this isn’t Paris. … The costumes were cool and the music was good, but they were lip syncing — not singing. I guess that’s fair since English was not their language. After the one-hour show, we walked through the town a bit and headed to bangla-roadBangla road to check it out. We were bombarded with people holding laminated signs advertising ping pong shows. They got right in our face, one after another, … very irritating. But if we didn’t make eye contact, and just walked steady, they magically didn’t even notice us. We had a couple drinks at one of the open-air bars and danced a bit then checked out the White Room nightclub. It looked alright. Hopefully, it will be busier when we come back on Friday!


Back in Phuket, after our sojourn to the Koh Phi Phi group of islands, we began our last night in Thailand with dinner at a German/Thai restaurant. It was much better than the one I’d experienced in Vang Vieng. We paid $25 each for entry and unlimited drinks at the White Room club after that. Not a bad deal! The club was okay, the music was okay … so we stayed for a few drinks then went to check out another big bar we’d heard about: Illuzion. This one was so much nicer! Great venue, with a second level, the music was better and we had lots of fun and even partied in the red truck on the way home. So sad to be leaving Thailand.


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