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Recognizing Resistance

Steven Pressfield (The War of Art) would say I’m in resistance. He’d be right. Yet, if I’m working on projects, completing them, publishing … how can that be resistance? Sounds like success to me. Well, it depends on the project.

My current form of procrastination is: transcribing three old print books of poetry into eBooks instead of completing my memoir (and several other projects).

Pressfield claims we have the most resistance to the projects that mean the most to us. Frankly, my memoir, ten years in the making, feels like a ball and chain I drag around with me wherever I go. Heavy psychic baggage. Rather than do the hard work of unchaining myself, I’m doing the easy work of transcribing old work into a new format. Why? Because it’s there.

Every writer knows poetry doesn’t sell … so why am I bothering to upload a new version? I wanted to learn how to format and publish an eBook on KDP Amazon. That’s my justification. Yeah! Mission accomplished. Two more to go and I can find another excuse to not work on what really matters.

Maybe my expectations are too high and I don’t believe I can write the new stuff as well as I’d like to. Some of the writing in my memoir sucks and I’m too lazy to make it better. Some of it’s stellar and that keeps me stuck to the belief I should get it out there … continue to work to unburden myself. Maybe my identity is too wrapped up in it and I need to detach a little more. Oh, please … not another 10 years….

My Book Baba business partner, Stephanie sets a great example for me: she works diligently at completing her memoir. She’ll likely publish well before me. It’s not a competition, not a race; we all work at our own speed. Still … I do feel like I want to keep up. I’m sure I’m working harder for having met her. It’s good to have a community of supportive writers around you, a coach, someone to kick your “buts.” That’s why we decided to work as a team to support other writers.

We know what it’s like to gain awareness of, and make friends with (or slay), our demons and get the work done—and we’d like to help you with yours—your demons and your writing projects. We’d like to help you get your book started, finished, and published. We offer coaching, classes, manuscript consultations and feedback. How can we help you realize your dreams?


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