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Relaxing & Playing in Chiang Mai

After my long bus ride to Chiang Mai, I wasn’t quite sure how I would get to my hostel. I learned that there are some red trucks that work like taxis, but they take many more people and you pay a little bit less. I took one and was the last of many to be dropped off, so I had a bit of a tour around the Old City. I wasn’t overly impressed with the hostel, but I could make do for a few nights before meeting up with my sister and her partner.

The next day I made my way through the Old City to a meditation class. I was unimpressed … I think the teacher was away and the girl who ‘led’ us just had us sit in a circle in silence for 30 minutes, take a three-minute break, then silence again for another 30 minutes. I guess I was expecting a guided meditation. Afterward, I found my way to a beautiful park and spent time relaxing with a smoothie. Then I had a Thai massage, Tom Yum soup for lunch, and a pedicure in the afternoon. Perfect relaxing day.


I took a red truck to the Sticky Waterfall (Bua Tong Waterfall) with three French Canadians and a Lao American from my hostel. Rocks of limestone, it really was sticky enough to walk up and down in bare feet. You just have to watch out for the slippery algae. We played for a while and took some nice photos, then headed back to the hostel to relax for a bit.

In the evening I went to watch a Muay Thai fight with one of the French Canadians and a few others. It was really nice to see the traditional way of fighting and the fancy dances they do before the fights and the skill that they actually need to have to fight; it’s not just throwing punches. There were about six fights, some with young children competing. The children seemed to have more spunk and were feistier than the adults! It was a fun evening.

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