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Ubud, Bali

We arrived in Bali and found a taxi to our hotel, I would stay with Amy and Chan one more night, since I wasn’t able to book a place on my own in time. It was NICE! We hung out at the pool for a bit, where they happened to be having a photo shoot. We had some snacks, drinks and shisha and relaxed! Later we enjoyed a buffet dinner and called it a night!
The next day, we took a quick stroll down to the beach to take a look and looked past some of the shops. Afterward, I quickly got ready and hopped in the shuttle to Ubud Palace. I was the only one, so the driver and I chatted with the bit of English he knew. He finished his schooling in travel and tourism, but had never left Bali. Most people I spoke to here have not left this island, but they love it here. Ubud Palace was small, but it was nice to see the stone statues decorated with colorful fabrics and flowers and the beautifully decorated doors!
I walked across the way to the market to buy some souvenirs, trying to avoid the really pushy ladies. I was told by a fellow traveler to not look them in the eyes because they have been known to somehow put a spell on you to make you buy things you don’t want to. I caught myself looking in one man’s eyes who was trying to sell me a dress for 300,000 rupia (CDN $30). I don’t think it was worth more than $10, so I refused, continuing to say “too much” and trying to walk away. I told him I would pay 100,000. He wouldn’t listen; as I exited the shop, his wife said, “OK, OK, 100,000,” so I happily paid her the 100,000 rupia (which I still think is too much, actually, given the quality…) I was happy with my purchase tho. I left the market and walked down the main street, stopping for some gelato, mojito, and Dragonfruit because I couldn’t decide between them. I found my postcards and headed back to the resort for lunch.
I took a taxi to Kuta where I would spend my last night beside the beach and 10 minutes from the airport (since I had an early morning flight). I checked into Bedrock Hotel Kuta and set out for lunch and sat on the beach watching the little boats, the waves rolling in and the beginning of sunset. I wanted to see Discovery Mall, so I found my way there and spent some time looking around and purchasing more souvenirs. My landlady is Indonesian and she hasn’t been able to go back home in a while, as she’s been sick. She has been doing me a huge favor by giving me a break in my rent while I’ve been away, so I wanted to find her a small gift from home to thank her. I found a small handmade bag with a traditional Indonesian pattern and bought a couple things to put in it, including some durian candies and Indomie (an Indonesian instant noodle). I hope she likes it!
I walked back to the hotel, briefly stopping to pet some MINI POMS! And ordered some room service for dinner, along with a bottle of Bintang! It was so unbelievably sad to be leaving Bali; this is the first country I’ve been to on this trip that I am certain I will return to! There is so much to see here and it is so beautiful and charming! I’ll see you soon, Bali!

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