Book Coach & Editing Services

Get an experienced Fresh Pair of Eyes on your words. You never know what you may have missed, or inadvertently included. My expertise with the written word was honed by many years at University, additional education, involvement in writers’ groups, the publication of numerous articles, the self-publishing process of three books of poetry and a memoir, and several years of teaching others to write and edit. I am a member and teacher at the Alexandra Writers Centre (AWCS).

I’d like to help you tell your own life story by guiding you through the stages of your memoir. Self-help books are right up my alley since I have a Wholistic Counselling background. I also like to play with words that rhyme—poetry and children’s books. Since I teach creative writing, I am well-versed in story structure, character development and the use of good dialogue to propel your narrative.

I offer an introductory manuscript consultation if you are in the early stages of your writing career or a new project. Send me the first 10 pages (more or less) to look over and we can meet in person (or over Skype) for about an hour to discuss the next steps with your work. $149. Packages that include individual coaching, classes, and workshops, can be designed to meet your needs.

Please contact me for a quote on other editing and proofreading services—or if you have any questions.