Classes & Workshops

Creative Journalling

Based loosely on The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, this mixed media class will have you exploring your creativity in a supportive environment. Whether you’re new to exploring various art techniques and media, keen on stretching your writing muscles, a seasoned writer or artist working through a project or just taking a break, or someone who wants to use creative expression as a means of healing through issues, this class has something for everyone. We will explore different themes and ways of expressing them. You supply the journal (but you may want to wait until after the first class to decide what kind). All other supplies are included. No experience necessary. Please contact Maraya at 403 474-4147 or for the next set of classes.


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Picasso said it took a long time to learn to paint like a child. You can start now. Paint a Cubist perspective portrait with acrylic on canvas. Create your own self-portrait or a gift for someone you love. A one-person portrait is a prerequisite to the family portrait class. No experience necessary, all supplies included. $50 for a 2-hour class. Adults only for the evening sessions (wine served). Coffee and tea served for daytime sessions. Please contact for details.

Picasso 1Picasso 2



Construct a small figurative sculpture from found objects. We will start by building a base and an armature. The design of your doll may be sketched ahead of time or you can work spontaneously with the rest. Most supplies will be provided but feel free to bring in items that inspire you (i.e. swatches of cloth, bits of jewellery) and if enough – maybe share and swap with other participants. This is usually a full day workshop.
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You will come away from this workshop with a personal logo, proud of your strengths, and with a better understanding of how to work with your weaknesses. This is a two-hour self-discovery workshop good for preparing participants for resume writing and job interviewing, and for team-building. Very simple drawing is involved – no experience necessary. Please contact for details.