Health & Wellness Coaching

m-crop-8-debAfter getting my degree in Psychology, I went on to do my Massage Therapy Certificate and was involved with two different peer counselling communities. That propelled me into a variety of related modalities—I was hungry for information on how to help clients experience better health. I became a Wholistic Therapist because I believe strongly that we are complex creatures—affected by our thoughts and everything in our environment. There is no one cause of illness nor method of healing. Sometimes the answers aren’t obvious. Sometimes you need someone who can see the bigger picture, to consider new ideas.

I’ve been blessed with optimal health my entire life. Because of health issues in my family, and the early death of my father, I’ve always been a strong believer in prevention. After an extended hiatus, I have returned to my passion to help people feel better. With over twenty years of working with people in group and individual situations, teaching and coaching, I have a breadth of experience and am constantly upgrading my skills with the latest information and techniques. I have recently added a Coaching Certificate and a Law of Attraction Coaching Certificate to my repertoire.

We’re surrounded by toxic energy and toxic substances; we need to be informed about what we’re up against and learn how to stay strong. Don’t wait for symptoms to manifest before you take action. If you’re already experiencing fatigue, general pain, or an inability to sleep well—it’s the right time to feel better. If things are worse than that for you, it’s not too late to turn it around. If you have a child (diagnosed or not) with learning and behavior challenges (symptoms of ADHD and/or Spectrum Disorder), I can help you—as long as you’re willing to implement dietary changes.

It’s hard to do anything else well if you’re not feeling well. Let me help you get your health in order so that you can proceed with renewed fervor to realize your dreams and find your own perfect pair of red shoes.

Coaching sessions are available in NW Calgary. Contact Maraya at

Fee is $100 per hour. Pay in advance for 6 sessions (by the 2nd session)—$500.

Also available: relaxation massage, for women only, at below “market” rates – nonclaimable.